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I seem to be missing something here. although Chrome is installed it is not showing as an option alongside Edge in the default app settings.Although designated in settings Chrome ALWAYS opens as Yahoo.Microsoft Windows 10 Tips: Complete step-by-step guide on How to change default search engine to Google in Windows 10 Edge web browser.Share this: Katie is a Search expert and author of this help page.Exactly why i decided to go around the block to get in the back door.Additionally, I am unable to DOWNLOAD Chrome for a fresh instal.Connect with friends across computers, Android, and Apple devices.

Original Title: i want to change my default search engine from bing to google windows 8 on the desktop windows explorer 10.

Since the big Windows 10 update, last week of July 2016, I can complete the steps but I cannot get Chrome, Opera, Firefox or any other browser to stick as default.

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All this talk got me quite interested and I gotta say it does look pretty slick.

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Those analogies were very creative but I gained no information from your comment.Had to go through such a convoluted method just to get my preferred browser back.It grew due to the support from IBM, and its success totally depended on monopoly power.

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Get targeted PPC internet marketing for your business the moment people search and only pay when they click.First thing I changed as Bing feels worse when its on the Edge browser, but Edge is fine when defaulted to Google Search.

I am really annoyed by Microsoft fighting a desperate war for survival over my back as a user.Try installing Chrome through your browser directly from Google rather than through the App store.You can also change Edge to default to Google rather than Bing.All those steps, I just clicked make this my default browser in Chrome settings which takes you directly to step 5.Google Earth for Android enables you to explore the globe with a swipe of your finger.Small programs that add new features to your browser and personalize your browsing experience.

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Before Windows 10 just clicking that would make it happen, on Windows 10 it just takes you to the settings page.

I went to firefox and made it my default browser and it actually let me.

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Sign in to continue to Google payments center Enter your email.I then tested it in my email, online and well as a link for purchase within one trial software have.

And Win 10 privacy policies makes you feel more dirty, than a full cavity search done naked in front of the main check in counters at Heathrow airport.I just want Chrome to open with one left click on my task bar.The only way I can click through from other applications is to have Edge or IE as my default or copy and paste URLs.

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It takes less than 60 seconds to change your default search engine with this simple guide.However after Windows 10 install, search results appear in Bing.Dec 2015 I bought a new computer with Windows 10 and Chrome is no longer on the list to choose from.

Yes, you can complete these steps, but windows 10 simply ignores the selection of a different default browser (Chrome or any other browser).So have my patience near an end, I recklessly ran down that path.

Learn How to Change Default Browser or Make Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer as your Default Browser.For basic stuff like browsers, this new selector works way better.Still very rough around the edges and most of the Start menu metro style apps are a bit crap.