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Speed test results meaning

Understanding a Speed Test

What a speed test measures is how long a certain amount of data takes to travel to the test server and back to your computer.

Using our line quality internet speed test to check your internet speed (download and upload), firewall.The size of the file and the time it takes to leave your computer and get to their server determines your upload speed.

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Measuring Your Internet Speed Test Ping Rate

Read our guide to broadband speeds to develop your understanding to ensure you are getting what you are paying for from your internet provider.

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Well, with average web usage, you typically send a few letters here, a click there.If my Internet modem is capable of 3 Mbps but I have four computers downloading things at the same time through the same modem via a router, that 3 Mbps resources is now shared amongst those computers.This test measures how much of your blood is made up of red blood cells.The website or video that you watch as a result of those clicks and letters is the download over head.

A video card with little to no on board memory can be a bottleneck between the video being downloaded and it playing on your screen without pauses.Apparently, if you download just one video or movie at a time, the operation is rather slow.The athlete should always be questioned regarding their fluency in other languages as this may affect test results.

Significantly high jitter levels can cause your VoIP to not work.

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Speed test results are shown in terms of certain parameters that give an indication of several measurements.

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A packet is an individual piece of information transmitted over a network.

Well, whichever one of those hops is the slowest to respond sets the maximum speed of your communication.

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One more point to consider is that your bandwidth may be getting divided amongst a number of computers in your home.Why do the results of my speed test here differ from the results of other speed tests.

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Only five minutes to download a song instead of driving to the record store and waiting in line for the latest Rush album.

Therefore when you are downloading lots of things then as the data lands on your hard drive is immediatly available for upload, so you have more to share and your download allocation will increase.Talk to your health care provider about the meaning of your specific test results.Speed Test: Tools: News: Forums: Info: About: Join: All Forums: Hot Topics:.