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He also came to a decision to work on the 20th ward, regarding the Binge Eater case alongside Shinohara.Abara had wanted to save his father, but never had the courage.High quality Juuzou inspired T-Shirts, Posters, Mugs and more by independent artists and designers from around the world.

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Like all quinques, it has the ability to cut through ghouls and their kagunes.Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed and published by.

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As such, he was shunned by his peers and treated as an outcast.Awesome; Characters; FanficRecs; Fridge; Funny; Headscratchers. [talking over them] We...

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In his last scene, Suzuya tells the comatose Shinohara that he will continue working hard for the both of them and kisses his forehead telling him good night.His first partner was Yokinori Shinohara and his current partner is Hanbee.

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However, he managed to restrain himself from lashing out at Marude, as Shinohara told him to ignore it.

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Ayato Kirishima joins him on the stage, beginning a fierce battle between the two.

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Although he was treated as one of her favorites, it was the most.He usually describes his killing methods to be clean, without.Submachine gun: During the Aogiri Seige, Suzuya was armed with a submachine gun that resembled an MP5.

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JuuZou. 7. 1969. 517 games won. 7. 1969. Quick Play Competitive Play.He is currently assigned to the 13th ward and is investigating the ghoul Nutcracker, along with his squad.Discover and share vintage-inspired fashion, furniture, home decor, art, car and architecture images.During the meeting between Matsuri, Suzuya, and Sasaki things become tense when the commander orders Tooru Mutsuki to be sent in undercover.

Suzuya does not display much respect for Seidou, for he is constantly yelled at and is annoyed whenever Seidou tries to be overly strict on him as seen when he ordered Juuzou to put away his candy in the meeting room.He was enrolled at the Junior Academy, where he was a classmate of Kurona and Nashiro Yasuhisa.As everything went back to normal with the investigation solved, Suzuya suggests that they go to the donut shop.Juuzou is injured in his belly but he stands the pain and hurts deeply the overconfident Kurona, stabbing her several times with all the Scorpion quinces he had stolen.Suzuya suggests that they follow the man off the train, saying that he has a foul, suspicious scent.Play Download: Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Vs Jason Legendado Pt Br sem censura.mp3. Tokyo Ghoul Season 1 Episode.Originally he showed no signs of empathy whatsoever and did not.

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However, since Abara lacked courage once again, Suzuya decides to fight on his own.Welcome to 8tracks radio: free music streaming for any time, place, or mood. tagged with tokyo ghoul, juuzou suzuya, and My Chemical Romance.

Prosthesis: Since losing his right leg below the knee, Suzuya has been fitted with an advanced prosthetic leg.He is a skilled knife wielder, attacking and throwing with deadly efficiency.He and Shinohara later visited a crime scene, where the bodies of three ghouls were cut into two hundred parts.Shinohara is proven to be very important to Juuzou, as seen when he let out a cry of anguish when Shinohara received a fatal blow, and expressed regret over being unable to save him.His first partner was Yukinori Shinohara, and his current partner is Hanbee Abara.When he killed for the first time, he was sick for several days afterwards but eventually his sense of morality faded.Mutsuki expressed unease over his own. instead inviting Urie to play hooky with.His personality reflects his form of fighting, while most CCG officers are trained to be efficient and quick, Suzuya is sadistically sloppy and fools around in the battlefield.

Yukinori Shinohara spoke up in his favor, reminding the other officials that Rei was a victim and deserved a second chance.To prevent this, she performed a crude castration with a hammer and forced him to live as a girl.

On Kurashiki street, Suzuya and his team begins a search for clues, whereby Suzuya mentions that his killing method must be done without needless movements, which is a skill that only he wields within the entire team.Message this Page, learn about upcoming events and more. Log In. or. Sign Up.When he turned 19, Chairman Tsuneyoshi Washuu personally appointed him a Rank 3 Investigator.Matsuri gives in to his request, and finishes the meeting without further incident.

Browse through and read or take thousands of juuzou stories, quizzes, and other creations.The leader counters with his kagune, but Suzuya retrieves his.He was then assigned as the partner of Yukinori Shinohara and sent to the 20th Ward.Big Madam, who he considered his mother, sometimes dressed him as a girl and began to worry that he would become ugly as he matured into an adult.The meeting resumes, with their primary target being Nutcracker, who they hope will lead them to a more significant target -- Big Madam, the Ghoul that raised him.

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