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Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers and governments regulating the Internet should treat all data on the.

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Gadgets 360 Staff, 04 January 2017 Share on Facebook Tweet Share Share Email Reddit Highlights TRAI has released a consultation paper on net neutrality.

In the United States, net neutrality has been an issue of contention among network users and access providers since the 1990s.

So what are some companies on the net doing to mark this day.

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Some of the key questions include asking what the principles for non-discriminatory access should be in the Indian context, how Internet traffic should be defined, and what could be reasonable traffic management practices, and also what would be defined as non-reasonable.

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Man checks in can of beer as luggage, becomes toast of Twitter.As an OkCupid member and Internet user, you should be in control what you see and do online — not big cable companies.

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Thousands of companies and organizations, including Google, Facebook and Reddit, want you to support the push for keeping the rules.

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Many of the same groups participated in a protest in 2014, which they called Internet Slow Down Day.In Canada, Internet service providers (ISPs) generally provide Internet service in a neutral manner, some notable.In view of the complexity of the subject of NN, the Authority decided to undertake a two-stage consultation process.

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Protesters gathered in front of the US Capitol to tell lawmakers they want them to protect net neutrality regulation.After that, the focus shifted to differential pricing for data services, against which there was regulation in February 2016.Net neutrality is one of the most important topics of the modern era, considering our widespread reliance on the Internet.

One of so many walking undead issues that shamble on in Washington, D.C. is the ridiculous government Internet overreach known as Network Neutrality.The FCC ruled upheld net neutrality this week, sending the ISPs into a tailspin.

Kickstarter has even provided a letter that people can digitally sign and send to their lawmakers.

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The online retail giant is displaying a message on the right side of the page encouraging users to find out more about net neutrality.He said Facebook supports the current FCC rules for keeping the internet open and free from interference from internet service providers.

But the company said it still opposes the legal framework the FCC has adopted.Net neutrality, micro robots, political upheaval, and Houthis are some of the terms defined this Friday on CNN Student News.FCC beware: Facebook, Google like net neutrality just as it is.CBS Evening News Future of Internet at stake in net neutrality vote.

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TRAI has released a consultation paper on net neutrality - people have until February 15 to give their responses to the regulator.In the paper, it outlines ideas such as traffic management, the core principles of net neutrality, transparency, and how to effectively create policy to address these issues.

More iPhone 8 rumors including a potential wireless charger that may arrive late and a mirror finish could be in store for the next phone.The deadline to give your inputs is February 15, 2017 On Wednesday, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India ( TRAI ) released its consultation paper on net neutrality, asking for comments from stakeholders by February 15, and counter-comments by February 28.Activists and online companies say doing this would give broadband and wireless companies too much control over the internet.Verizon also released a statement today saying it also supports Congress taking action.

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The Federal Communications Commission and President Donald Trump want.This was followed by a consultation for regulatory framework on OTT services, and the committees report followed in May 2015.