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How to get a us itunes account

The two things that you will need are a Pro VPN and a US iTunes gift card.You could always try to use US iTunes gift cards that you can buy on eBay.Which takes you to the most important step of this process, entering a US zip code.If you have any questions or need any help setting up a device let me know.The core solution here is to just create an alternate iTunes account that is based in the.I attempted to do as you described, however they only ask for the address info when you reach the credit card info page. when i put a friends address in the USA it says that it does not match my cc info.Once you have that gift card you will need HMA so you can virtually reside in the USA during the set up process.ITunes is a software application that allows you to back up and sync iOS.

A US account lets you download US-only apps like pandora, google currents, and more.Open itunes store, Click on App store, then click on any free app.

4 Ways to Transfer iTunes Credit - wikiHow

You might also need a US iTunes account which you can set up by following this guide.Example: I bought 5 songs, 2 apps and three books using my regular Canadian iTunes account.You NEED to follow these next steps very carefully of it will not work.I have a stock iPhone (non-jailbroken) and have been downloading TV shows from the U.S. iTunes store with an american account as described above.

For nearly two years now I have been using, and loving, HMA.Also, this method should work for people living in other countries trying to get access to a US iTunes account.As far as I can tell this is the ONLY guide on the internet that is showing the new way to sign up for a US iTunes account in Canada and anywhere outside of the USA.

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I have yet to verify this for 100% but am running test from various locations across Canada as we speak.Before setting up the US account I had tried the app store and that is what it said.When I try to creat apple ID is tells me the card was declined.

The thing that I like about the gift cards is you know your balance immediately.If you are an Apple TV user, or just would like to grab some AppStore apps at a discount (or sometimes for free), you would need a US iTunes account.Can anyone confirm if I can purchase US tv shows and play them on my apple tv.

Then next hitch was some ebay sellers have out of country payments blocked.Hi, I did all the steps and using a friends address in the US.When it comes to VPNs bigger is truly better and HMA is huge and rock solid.Long story short, if you do certain things looks like Apple can tell this is a gift card, and after that, their payment gateway would blacklist your card number.

Walt, as of right now they are only checking location during sign up.

All the Mac devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod etc. must be connected to an iTunes account in order to download applications and other files on to the device.Same goes with purchases or rentals from the app store or itunes.Apparently this method also works for the Amazon MP3 store and streaming Netflix.

Bear with me for another day or two and I should have a completely updated guide.Everything that I buy gets stored in my iTunes library that is local to my computer.I want to make sure that the gift certificate I send to them is for the US iTunes, otherwise it would be a totally useless gift.

You will need to use iTunes to cancel iTunes billing for your Netflix account,.What HMA does is it allows you to connect and re-route your internet connection through one of their 175, and counting, servers in the United States.I just logged in again into my us iTunes account via the iPad settings and it worked.The message I am getting is this kind of credit card is not valid, I registered my card an hour and half now, should I give it more time for the zip code to link the MC card I have, thanks.Hi, I live in the United States and I was wondering if this would work in reverse.Go to edit card info, and ensure the ZIP code entered is the same as your US iTunes account.

Yes, HMA can be used to connect to servers in 63 different countries around the world.Purchased an Amazon gift certificate with my (Canadian) credit card and e-mailed it to the Gmail e-mail address.How to Setup an US iTunes Account in Canada: Buy MasterCard Gift Cards from Shoppers Drug Mart.I make sure to log in and out everytime i sync. (though the apps from both remain in the applications).If you would like to get notified by email when the new guide goes live simply enter your email address into the form below.