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So you can usually file a ticket and get a replacement set which would change my results, this is just based off the first set I received.No I agree, the SER scraper is decent, open it options and tools.Here are the top providers I compared purchasing a set of 10 private proxies from each in descending order of price.Buy private proxies from U.S., U.K., Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Norway, Japan, Italy, France, Spain, Denmark, Belgium, and Australia.It is important though, with YouTube especially, to bind a specific proxy to each account creation for return logins.I just purchased 10 PRIVATE ones, but they seem to be a joke.We provide shared socks5,private proxies and backconnection solutions at reliable price.The faster proxies were banned the quickest since they checked more urls in a shorter time frame.

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Maybe I need to revisit this, quality control from Squidproxies seems to be slipping.Whenever an IP stops working, it will be deleted from the pool and replaced by a fresh, working one.So if you took say 50,000 urls, set 10 threads on the index checker with 100 proxies, they would start to get banned.From newipnow.com I got nothing but sequential ips that died couple days later even though I never had a chance to use them.Yes, I was quite blow away as I was previously using BuyProxies for the last year or so.

Scrapebox proxies or SEO proxies are private proxies used by marketers to automate their SEO efforts with the help of Scrapebox or any other SEO tools.Also take a look at FoxyProxy as they provide a pretty cool little management tool for Firefox, Chrome and IE. HTH.

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Then when submitting them all to the link checker of UD I still have to wait days and days before everything is checked by the site detector of UD.Whatever you want to call them, rotating proxies, reverse proxies or backconnect, BuyProxies.io is the place to buy them.Once you do make contact with D, the response goes to C, which is still you.And my 2nd question: Because it takes very long to test all your urls, do you have a special scheme for checking the urls in the site detector and using UD for building links.SquidProxies takes it as the best proxy service with speed and overall efficiency.

That is the beauty of proxies, you can do things you would otherwise not be able to accomplish from one IP.I use both GSA and UD site detector, not an exact science, but GSA handles most of the platforms UD does so you can detect sites in GSA and only process the successful sites in UD.Heck, even internet service providers and telecom companies are becoming party to invading the privacy of their users, selling information in exchange for millions.

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My last test was one connection and RND delay set at 10 seconds.

This is the only conclusion I can draw, if you know more about this, please comment below.Surely though there is a trade off between speed and getting banned.

Read now to get the list of best cheap proxies that are private and know how to.Alright, well I will definitely ask them whats up, they are supposed to be providing consistent quality.Every individual IP and respective port will automatically rotate without you having to do anything.The slower proxies take for ever to load each thread so the banning takes a bit longer.Thanks to PremSocks.com, you can freely modify your IP Address.That said, to be on the safe side I always kept my number of threads way down, and used the random delay as well.

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For the entire duration of subscription you will be the only person using the assigned private proxy.

You could also go for dedicated private proxies, which are dedicated to just you.

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Yeah apparently they have been out to lunch on the quality control department.Also, I was told by one person that you should do the proxies from one browser, and to run CCleaner each time before you use another proxy.

After the initial results I even waited a couple hours and retested and averaged the times.Hi Jacob, I get everytime banned with my squidproxies when I try to scrape big lists.A backconnect proxy is a type of proxy server that retrieves resources on behalf of a client from one or more servers.Using ScrapeBox, I ran the exact same sets of queries on the same settings and thread count to determine which proxies were the absolute fastest.