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BITAG tackles wrongful termination of a man deep in debt of credit card bills, which is certified by DOLE as not a legal basis for termination from work, as well as dubious practices of credit collection agencies.Despite being a dud operation on their own part, Ben still congratulates the SWAT team leader for doing their job, regardless.The herbal medicine is claimed to have brought faster relief to her brother and father alongside prescription medicine.

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Ben puts a water purifying company that uses deceiving advertising techniques to fool buyers and applicants (and whose senior assistant is also accused of sexually harassing a female employee) on a two-week surveillance and successfully plants two female undercovers inside.Soft-spoken, courteous and polite, Caridad Tulfo, 87, is very old-school.

These complainants come to the BITAG Action Center and the BITAG team investigates on this case and meets up with the people of Pro-Friends to give their side regarding this issue.Evidences found are broken syringes, warm boiling water, dirty forceps, stethoscope, blood stains, infested bed and other stains proving Dr.Upon inspection, the dog turned out to be a cross-breed between a labrador retriever and rottweiller with the latter being the dominant of the mix.

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Peter and Paul diagnostic center in Ermita, Manila to investigate, and successfully resolves the UNFIT TO WORK issue brought forward to them, despite initial tension between the company.It turned out that the ultrasound diagnosis was flawed due to natural human error.The frightened teacher agrees to meet with Ben and admits to his wrongdoing.

Ben plants an undercover to gather incriminating evidence inside a secret factory that employs minors on a seemingly innocent residential house.Two different parties identifying themselves as relatives of Emy have come to claim her, and Ben investigates to determine the truth.A man on the run for rape is arrested on his hiding spot by police officers.


After a grueling interrogation that sees the suspect tripping over his own stories, Ben convinces him to just come out on the open.Topics discussed are particularly on hot, timely, current issues purposely intended for viewers.

Concerned citizens of Marilao, Bulacan informs Bitag of Emy - a mentally-unbalanced, pregnant woman loitering fully nude in the city and scouring piles of garbage for food.Their lack of a search warrant proved to be a small hitch, hindering the inspection momentarily.

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The Bitag team tags along with a PCSO -owned ambulance to gauge how motorists would react to it if it were an emergency situation.

The rapist also happens to be the brother of her employer, asking her to dissuade the complaint twice.The following is a list of episodes for the investigative show Bitag.


The complaint regarding the sanitation was irrelevant however since the company has been stated on the vicinity with all the proper documentation at hand.Pornographic DVDs have spread like wildfire in Cavite and it is inexplicably linked to the lack of jurisdiction allotted to the local authorities by orders of the OMB who assumed exclusive control of the project.Later, the Barangay chairman (also the father of one of the suspects) meets with Ben at the Bitag Action Center to plead for fairness and impartiality.During a scheduled visit to the NFA Ben was surprised to see the office closing at an earlier time and grew even more frustrated as security snubbed his requests for the doors to be opened.Ben coordinates with DSWD and CIDG operatives to plan an entrapment operation to be held the following day.Ben takes up the case and along the way, uncovers lapses in the investigation.

Ben shows up later on the scene to educate the viewers on, at the time, this new modus carried out by an organized carnap syndicate that waits for the opportune moment.

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Human Resources falls for their tricky line of questioning as Ben takes it from there.

No need for warrant of arrest since they were caught in the act.It was later revealed that the owners paid the sanitary inspectors P5,000 each to give a false report.

Ben learns that the location is ruled by four different Barangay chairmans, some who are completely apathetic to the activities of the said traffic aides.A woman complaining about a bogus cosmetic surgeon who refers his botched operations to a legitimate doctor as part of a modus, leads to Bitag planting an undercover to catch the quack in the act.An employee for a large supermarket brings a sealed bottle of sardines containing a small cockroach which was brought to his attention by a customer while looking at the expiration date.

Your mistakes and flaws will be highlighted by your opponents.

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The Barangay Chairman later arrives in the scene and causes even more tension by urging the accused to sue the landlord and Bitag for trespassing.With financial settlement in mind, the man purchased the item and immediately brought it to BFAD for inspection.

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Eh sinabi ko naman sa unang comment ko kung bakit ko siya nasabing biased di mo naman pinapansin eh.

Ben treks to Nissan Manila to meet with their general manager and the service personnel involved in the installation of the surplus parts.After successfully gathering film evidence during an undercover operation, the informant mysteriously disappears leaving the case hanging.Discover daily channel statistics, estimated earnings, BITAG OFFICIAL ranking charts, and more.

The Provincial Anti-Illegal Drugs Special Action Task Force (PAIDSATF) taps the BITAG team to document a drug bust operation against a family who might be behind the promulgation of illegal drugs (shabu) in a barangay.Bitag sets up a dummy bus to trap a new group of Maranaos that have made a fortune out of extorting money from hapless PUV-operators plying Baclaran.Dapat may call center training ang TESDA na Tulfo English ang turo.A chairwoman in Sampaloc, Manila that serves as a bridge between local snatchers and their victims is collared in an entrapment operation after she tries to solicit money from a messenger service in return for the BlackBerry stolen from them.A large distributor and manufacturer of fish crackers, Mega Ace Food Products, is found responsible through undercover surveillance of using Borax and roach and rat-infested drums of liquid ingredients in their fish crackers.The lax movement and lack of compensation from the building administrator and owner forced the hand of the victim to approach BITAG about this matter.With the help of an asset, a former member of the Otso Pares robbery group, BITAG and Mission-X, with law enforcement elements of Quezon City, brings the slick bus holdup crime spree of the Tisoy robbery syndicate to an abrupt end before they could make their next heist.Ben and the BITAG team then helps the hapless victims and converses with the bogus Ben Tulfo through cellphone.