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Apple tv how to hook up

If you have a very old TV, then it is better not try to hook up your MAC to the TV.If you want multi-channel (but only up to 5.1, not 7.1) in your main zone then you can use a HDMI extractor combined with a Dobly 5.1 digital (AC3) converter to downmix the 5.1 ACS to 2 channel analogue (optical out of the HDMI extractor, optical into the (Geffen) Dolby Digital 5.1 (AC3) to analogue converter.

Step. Hook your Apple TV up via your wireless network by selecting your network from the available list of networks on your Apple TV.

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Can you connect an Apple TV to a stereo system for music

This sounds like a great solution to hook up external hard drives.When I hook up ATV4 to Airport Express, everything works except for the following glitches: I hear no system clicks or user-interface sounds (moving the cursor).

You need to grab a micro usb cable, follow the steps in the support article.I have a top of the line Sony ES Receiver from the early 2000s.Some claim that optical is old, outmoded technology, but if that is true why do all of my Macs have it.How Apple AirPlay Works. by. For more about setting up your. the iTunes app on your iPad will automatically detect that the Apple TV in your living room and the.I am trying to obtain simultaneous multichannel LPCM (to feed Zone 1) and analog stereo (to feed zones 2 and 3).

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appletv - Apple TV 2nd generation instructions to hook up

From this article you could get well prepared to set up Apple TV for streaming HD videos with Dolby.I am considering purchase of an Apple TV My TV set is in another room from my.Again I pose the question: How else do people stream their iTunes music to their AVRs.Any AirPlay compatible speaker is listed here, including your third-generation Apple TV.I can control it using a universal RF to IR remote (ProControl), but would like to have access to the bluetooth functionality.Have you tested your configuration with content that is DRM projected, for example, movies purchased from the iTunes store.Sorry - I am not very technical - so I am not sure what the EDID setting is.Setting up your new Apple TV: 6 things to do first Open the box,.

One of the really cool things with the Apple TV is the ability to hook it up to a computer.No idea if it works for all devices, but here it was 2 out of 2.

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How to Connect Apple TV to an Old Analog TV - Technipages

So how DO you use Bluetooth to hook up to an optical audio device.Your TV is ANALOG, the new Apple TV is HDMI and that is a purely DIGITAL output.

You control the sound from another device without having to even cut the TV on.

Can i hook up apple tv to a iMac instead of a tv.?

I used Airport Utility to add an Express as an extender to my Time Capsule (this worked flawlessly btw).

How to connect your iPhone5/iPad 4/iPad mini to your TV

I have optical coming from my TV to home theatre system and set my tv to output sound through optical so no matter what I plug in via hdmi sound is still output through speakers.Well, audio through HDMI is simpler and supports features Toslink does not, like 7.1. I do use a 7.1 AV receiver and the quality of the output from HDMI (LPCM 7.1) is clearly superior to the old Toslink.The most straightforward way to connect iOS devices to a TV is using a.

Strangely I can get 5.1 audio if I AirPlay a movie directly to the 3rd gen Apple TV, but airplaying content from 4th gen to the 3rd gen tv sends stereo audio every time.If you want the best of all worlds, where Zone 1 gets the best available digital signal (multi-channel or two channel as the case may be) and Zone 2 (and 3 and 4, etc) get a high quality equivalent or downmixed analogue two channel stereo signal, regardless of what the signal type is output on the HDMI output, then the only solution is rather expensive.

How to set up Apple TV for streaming HD videos with Dolby

My old receiver is still chugging along, but it does not do HDMI switching (yes apple, there still are many of these around).Indeed, Mac support of optical is why I used it in the first place.Once, I had to re-select the Express as audio output (even though it displayed as selected) because the Remote insisted on trying to control the TV volume despite my best arguments.The Apple Store employee informed that only a tiny fragment of ATV owners utilize the TOSLINK port, which is why Apple dropped it.