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I definitely plan to stay with tigerVPN forever (Yay for the lifetime plan).Simple download and install for both my desktop and mobile device.Secured and out of public domain helps me sleep better at night.TigerVPN does not require any special software and is very easy to configure and use.I have been a user since 2015 and I can surely say not even once I have witnessed any hiccups.

I joined TigerVPN when I found that I could get a lifetime subscription.Simple set up quick and easy to use have been very happy from day 1.I am not sure for others vpn but for this one is fine, as long that I know I am secure on the web.I would wholeheartedly recommend this service to anyone looking for a good VPN.For an additional per-device fee, users can connect up to 5 devices at the same time.TigerVPN uses state of the art encryption technology to protect subscribers from anyone who could.In the meantime, I spent a lot of time searching for free VPNs, which was a waste of time.In kodi it starts automatic and I can stream the movies over the vpn connection.

Sure thing that in the early day of the service it did run through problems.TigerVPN is a great VPN service, the servers are always online, fast, and customer support responds quickly to any questions or issues.On Android the mobile app is great, but on my Mac, it seems to never remember my credentials and logs me out.Used to take a few attempts to connect to some VPN locations, however this seems to have been looked into with the new app.At the moment this provider appears to be using about 62 servers for its infrastructure. Pricing.Android app is much better, but can sometimes be problematic.It has been very easy and simple to use without having to spend time configuring everything.Needed something to keep my privacy secure while on public wifi and abroad.

Download Tiger Vpn Free Download For Pc - best software for Windows.I needed more connections they helped me keep my lifetime but get more.Most VPN provider lure you in with empty promises and while they might live up to their promises for a while, one invariably ends up disappointed.After using it about a week, I conclude this is one of best deals that I have ever made on the internet.Limits the number of connections and nodes but so far is running fast as advertised.

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I have been using TigerVPN for a little more than a year and I have had no issues with them.

I am a Linux user, so it took me a little bit to figure out how to get this to work on my system.Maintaining a connection can be a bit patchy which is why i only gave four stars.Best thing in my opinion is certainly, that it allows connecting through OpenVPN this way i can use it over an HTTP-Proxy if you only have that to connect.I cannot reconnect unless I reboot my computer, which can be very inconvenient.From the instant of turning on, all through the day there was seamlessly protecting my privacy.TigerVPN Lite: Lifetime Subscription, Make the Internet Your Safe Place.

I purchased a lifetime membership and have really been pleased with their product.I will likely be upgrading my service to get the extra country on vpn options soon.I did however find the Windows VPN client unreliable and not very good.America, which is still plenty and few synchronous connections.Other VPN services I have tried before have been rather cumbersome to setup and use.

Explore trending search topics with Google Trending Searches.You can use it on your gadgets and devices, even works on router with custom firmware (dd-wrt, tomato).Earlier there were some issues with the Application but then after few months the update was released and found that the issue is no more.Found a deal online for a lifetime subscription and it is definitely worth it, even without the deal the prices are still good value for money.

Our reviews are written by users themselves, and are not influenced by VPN companies.I think they could improve their app, there are too few options compared to their competitors.

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It would be nice to know what happens and get helpful popups.Connection has dropped a few times but I found it to be rare.I was able to sign up and install their VPN within minutes on all of my devices.Also the mac app is very robust and fast, I used others and tigerVPN is the best.They have a long road ahead if they want to be leaders on their market.

At first, I have to use it on my android device to get to other country location.I have used many through my years of traveling around the world.

They resolved my problem and upgraded my account immediately.They just rebuilt all the Apps (and the web site) from ground up adding an even more pleasant and easy user experience.So far I have no complaints about tigerVpn, speed is fast and they have servers everywhere I need, setup is easy on every device and the connection is always stable.This software is absolutely worth it, especially if you can get an unlimited license.

Getting good speeds (good enough to consistently stream 1080 from Youtube).On occasion, I cannot start the VPN from within the OS, but must open the App (both iOS and OSX) to make a connection.So easy to setup and use on my MacBook Pro and Nexus 6P handset.There are plenty of VPN providers out there but TigerVPN is one that shines for multiple reasons.

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Simple click the city and country you want to connect through and off you go.You have to use OpenVPN with manual configuration as stated in their guides then it works fine.Tried it last night to get the USA Netflix service and it works fine with no problems.Have had no problems at all with TigerVPN, both the PC program and the Android app work perfectly.