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Why does my internet connection keep disconnecting

Your Internet connection going on and off can be quite a pain.The disconnection last about 5 seconds each time and it will automatically be connected again after 5 seconds.So based on your statements, we need to give the MAC a hard look.In a typical home, the dvr and PC are connected to the router and if you logged into the router, you would see these devices on your network.

The idea is to keep your wireless network and delete all others.You may have just forgotten to put in the post but anyway, connect up the Apple laptop ONLY and see if it connects and stays connected.I have been waiting for a good friend of mine to get back from vacation and he finally did.And if the customer had 2 or 3 network devices already, he would probably have to keep a spreadsheet to track what the address was of each device because no two devices can share the same address.Oh, by the way, with the ethernet cable, I did all the ping stuff, and they all went through fine with an average of 0ms.

If you do get a 169 address, then I would move the Ethernet connection on the router to a different port first and if that does not work, then try a different cable.

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When everything is working as it should be, when you press the wifi button to turn it on, your network card looks around for any wireless network it can find which is why you see several networks.If you read the posts here often, this may sound like a broken record.Once you download the file to your desktop, double click on it and follow the steps to install.My phone jack runs to an external dsl modem which then leads to a linksys wireless-g broadband router and then to the computer.So if you did your firmware update wirelessly, that could be part of the trouble.

I downloaded the latest driver even though Windows XP said it was up to date, and I have not dropped my connection in the last 8 hours.But that is very rare, and 99% of the time I get drop after drop and then re-poll, re-find, reconnect, and 10 more minutes to the next drop.Once again, especially here, DO NOT TRY TO DO THIS USING WIRELESS.

We need to verify service is on and router is working so probably the first thing to check is can you connect your PC to the router using an ethernet cable and connect to the internet.If it stays lit, move on to the lan port (or whatever the port is labelled on your modem where the ethernet cable plugs in to connect your netgear).We have always been fine all over the house having up to 2 laptops and 3 games consoles connected at the same time with perfect connection.

Essentially that means companies can make these devices without adhering to any standards which in my opinion, is not good for the industry.Once you router sees the device on the network, try it out and make sure it functions before moving on to the next device.I have tried the following in order to troubleshoot this issue, without success.But if you are able to connect wirelessly, plug all your baby monitoring systems back in and if your wireless connection drops, its because of the interference from the baby monitors.

We have 2 ipods, a laptop, and an international wireless phone, all connected to wifi.I suspect you either have the router not properly configured or you have an ip address conflict.PC, Macs, Linux, ALL network devices have to have their own address so they can talk to the network.I have been having a problem for a while now with the wireless internet connection at home.The computer could see the connection, but when trying to reconnect, it would fail.

Still having the same dropping problem, and using the latest driver for my usb wireless network adapter.The laptop user could close lid for about 30 seconds and reopen lid and log back onto Laptop and would be connected, or reboot system.Lately, the wife has been using the internet phone alot, and of course I will get on the computer while shes talking away.If comcast installed your network and you bought the router at a Best Buy or something, then you should go to the linksys website to get the update.That way if it all goes off in the ditch after you do your install, you can get back to a working system by just going back to the system restore backup you made.It sounded like you had 1 notebook associated with 1 router and the 2nd notebook associated with the 2nd router.

I do get drops occasionally but I work through them and they typically happen as a result of a program.Just making sure you understand I am NOT talking about your cell phone.

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If your card was built in or is not older than 3-4 yrs old, Windows will probably recognize the card and you can manage it with Windows with no problem.Make SURE you have ALL of your network devices powered OFF except for the router.If I have made bad assumptions, let me know what you have and that will make it a lot easier to get your problem resolved.Another point I wanted to add regarding my wireless doorbell: there is no interference from here since the internet disconnect problem continues even when I switched the wireless doorbell off.

Try a different router first and let me know if you continue to have problems.The first thing I would do would be to power OFF ALL of the PCs at your location.Make sure one laptop is powered off completely and then connect with the other laptop.

windows 8 wifi keeps disconnecting from internet but stays

I hope someone can see if there is an obvious solution or lead me down the right path.Losing internet connection after installing Windows 10. that when I lose connection with the internet,.Although both wired computers can still use the internet through the router.How to remove the network from the list depends on what version of Windows you are running.As always, troubleshooting is going to be a matter of eliminating things.

Sounds like you might be on the fringe of the wireless range.I had a Netgear WPN824V2 Router that my son gave me and connected for me.I cannot tell you the info of the router, other than what i guessed off of a google search that got me multiple routers that look exactly like mine, and whose name rung a bell.If not, tell them that password is not working and ask them how to set it back to the default.I suggest you call them, tell them what is going on BUT DO NOT reset everything even if they ask you to.Even when I move the phone I still have the connection issues.

It is possible for just the wireless OR the hardwired portion of a router to be bad but that is very rare.The next step would be to see if you can connect wirelessly with your notebook.Assuming all this is true, you need to leave your PC connected wirelessly for a few hours to see if your connection drops.